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On January 20, 2003, Craig Kelly was one of 7 people killed in a tragic avalanche in Revelstoke, British Columbia. We will miss him.

Accident press: CNN/SI  EXPN  Yahoo Canada News  Transworld Snowboarding  MSN / Seattle Post Intelligencer  Burton Snowboards

Foreign press: France  Germany  Japan  Norway  Spain

Picture tributes: Mark Gallup



A great way to remember Craig: buy and watch "Let It Ride: The Craig Kelly Story".  


More info:

  YouTube movie trailer for "Let It Ride..." 

  buy "Let It Ride..." on  (or rent it from Netflix)



UW Delta Upsilon wake for Craig in Seattle WA, February 1, 2003

Initiation years 1983-1989 were represented; Craig was class of 1987.

Eats are inside, but the suds are out back...

(DUs left to right: Adrian Wilkenson, Doug Playter, Jeff Fawcett)

...guess where everybody ends up.

Brothers gather around the campfire...

(DUs left to right: Mark Hoeper, Steve Fisher, Bruce Raskin, Todd Torset, Stayne Hoff, Brian Dorsey, Dave Habib, Keith Figueroa, Dave Peterson, Eddie Uyeta)

...while Mark Thomas has everyone share their memories of Craig Kelly.

(DUs left to right: Dave Peterson, Mike McClure, Karl Dietrich, Mark Thomas, Tiff Thomas, Ricardo Duenaz, Dave Hipp, Barry Fortier)

All listen while someone off-camera shares their personal thoughts.

(DUs left to right: Mark Thomas, Tiff Thomas, Ricardo Duenaz, Dave Hipp, Brian McClure, Barry Fortier, Al Blackmon, Jeff Krueger [foreground], Sean Bradfield, [Trisha and] Ed Stemler)

Mark Thomas, MC'ing.

Brian Dorsey listens intently...

...and then shares that he is sure Craig would want us all to go to a strip club right now.

Doug Playter remembers Craig as his roomie one quarter.

(DUs left to right: Doug Playter, Mark Hoeper, Steve Fisher)

Dave Hipp and Ricardo Duenaz share memories.

Todd Torset, Mark Thomas, and Stayne Hoff.

Karl Dietrich, Ed Stemler & wife Trisha, and Jeff Fawcett.

Dave Hipp and Keith Figueroa.

Bruce Raskin

Dave Peterson

Eddie Uyeta (I wonder why he's called "RedGuy"?)

Keith Figueroa, dangerous man

Jeff Krueger

Karl Dietrich

Mark Hoeper

Mike McClure's good side

Ricardo Duenaz

Steve Fisher

Brian McClure and Tiff Thomas

Todd Torset and Mark Thomas

Adrian Wilkenson and family

Al Blackmon

Barry Fortier


Funeral at the Alaska Ferry Terminal in Bellingham WA, February 2, 2003

DU's in attendance: Todd Torset, Stayne Hoff, Dave Hipp, Doug Playter, Eddie Uyeta, Mark Thomas, Jeff Krueger, and Karl Dietrich.

A gloomy day at the Ferry Terminal. Hundreds showed up; duct tape arm bands were part of the dress code.

unfortunately the best a disposable camera can do indoors: Dave Hipp, Kelly Jo (Craig Kelly's first wife), and Stayne Hoff, together again for the first time in 15+ years.

This is why you don't ever let a camera get X-rayed when going through airport security...



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