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Cool Documents

A secret F-111 Aardvark replacement? Northrop Grumman "Switchblade" aircraft US Patent # 5,984,231 (MS Word document, 1.2 MB)

A similar recent Boeing patent... the "Pterodactyl".

 (MS Word document, 300 kB)

...other wild aircraft patents that provide glimpses into what may be flying secretly today are here and here.


Cool Videos (best with sound)

Atlas V, AV-001, launches Eutelsat Hotbird 6, August 21, 2002, liftoff to orbit (streaming media, 30+ minutes -- pre-launch to satellite deployment)

Fast-forward to minute = 00:39:55 for the ten-second countdown.

Awesome liftoff, great stage separation, awesome payload fairings separation (shown in screen capture above), neat flight control center audio throughout

video courtesy of:

Atlas IIIA, AC-201, launches Eutelsat W-4, May 24, 2000, liftoff to orbit (streaming media, 9 minutes)

More great footage, of this trailblazer "risk reduction" configuration for the Atlas V program -- the first RD-180 -powered flight by Lockheed.

(Be patient, this link at Space.Com is popular; it may take several attempts and waits for each to get a good session. If you have a problem with the above link, go here and do the following:)
Select "Liftoffs". Maximize the resulting Window.
Scroll thru to page 9 of 12 and select "Atlas 3 Rocketcam from Launch". (You may then be prompted to select what media player to use, etc.)

Saturn V liftoff (QuickTime, 3.15 MB)

Great footage of special interconnects, umbilicals, and booms & mechanisms in their demating and stowing cycles

Warning: this clip is loud! The Saturn V was absolutely massive. More info: (1) (2)

F-14 Tomcat shock wave (MPEG, 1.28 MB)


Saturn V liftoff (Apollo 8), another awesome video -- this time from the LUT deck in ultra-slow motion. You have to see this to believe it, 7.6 million pounds of liquid-fueled thrust.


(full AVI, 28.3 MB)

(trimmed large WMV, 12.6 MB)

(trimmed small WMV, 4.5 MB)


OK, same shot, Apollo 11


(full AVI, 60.1 MB)

(trimmed large WMV, 32.0 MB)

(trimmed small WMV, 12.0 MB)


OK, even closer, Apollo 12


(full AVI, 40.7 MB)

(trimmed large WMV, 35.3 MB)

(trimmed small WMV, 14.9 MB)



(Cool videos, cont'd.)



A jet funny car accidentally gets airborne at 260 mph (AVI format, 8.71 MB)

A young Stayne gets up to 175 mph on a motorcycle, Sunflower Aerodrome, Kansas (AVI format, 12.0 MB)

A funny car burns up while decelerating (AVI format, 11.2 MB)

A funny car explodes at high speed (AVI format, 7.45 MB)

A really bad dragster smashup in slow motion (AVI format, 17.1 MB)

Daytona motorcycle racer pushes a very fast turn too much with a cold rear tire (AVI format, 7.11 MB)

A fast vehicle crash smorgasboard (AVI format, 24.3 MB)



Navy sailor witnesses a nuclear blast (recently declassified) (AVI format, 12.2 MB)

Anti-submarine underwater nuclear device test, view from surface ship (recently declassified) (AVI format, 12.5 MB)

Anti-submarine underwater nuclear device test, view from helicopter & aircraft carrier (recently declassified) (AVI format, 11.1 MB)

Anti-submarine underwater nuclear device test, mountain (wall) of water engulfs surface ships (recently declassified) (AVI format, 5.75 MB)

CH-46 SeaKnight lands on ship deck and tries to abort with disastrous results (MPEG format, 10.1 MB)



gun camera footage, two F-15's collide in midair (recently declassified) (AVI format, 15.7 MB)

F-14 Tomcat in a terminal flat spin, pilots eject (recently declassified) (AVI format, 12.4 MB)

flat spin, pilot's view from cockpit (recently declassified) (AVI format, 11.9 MB)

AH-64 Apache flying nap of the earth threads too small of a needle (AVI format, 5.6 MB)

MC-130 deploying flares to spoof IR missile seekers (MPEG format, 2.6 MB)





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